Mar 01

In Rabbits, we had a fun day dressing up as different characters from books! We were also very lucky to have Year 3, Butterflies, come and visit us to share and read some of their favourite stories! What is your favourite story or book?

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  1. Reuben
    1:06 pm - 3-2-2018

    My favourite story is Charlie and the chocolate factory.

    • Miss Chalmers
      6:28 pm - 3-2-2018

      I like that story too Reuben!

  2. George Hamer
    10:53 am - 3-3-2018

    I like my Ant Man book

  3. Connie Mumford
    6:49 pm - 3-4-2018

    I like reading Winnie the Witch books

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