Feb 22

This week we have started our new topic ‘Bright Lights, Big City’ with a WOW moment by recreating Pudding Lane.

We have started learning about the Great Fire of London and reading Samuel Pepys Diary.

We made our own Tudor Houses and lined them outside to create our own Pudding Lane. We stood back and watched our Pudding Lane burn, just like the Great Fire of London in 1666.

What facts can you remember about the Great Fire of London?

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  1. George Hamer
    7:06 am - 2-23-2018

    Samuel Pepys buried his parmesan cheese!

  2. Jonathan Lodge
    6:43 pm - 2-24-2018

    Jessie remembers that there were 6 people who died in the great fire of London. The good that came out of the fire was the kings said that all houses have to be made from brick and stone.

  3. arthur
    8:06 am - 2-25-2018

    my mum and sistur liked the fire of london because

  4. Elsie Preston
    7:31 pm - 2-25-2018

    I think that the great fire of London stopped because the wind stopped blowing.

  5. Harrison harding
    6:08 pm - 2-27-2018

    It start at pudding lane in the bakery. Doing our own fire was fun.

  6. Miss Chalmers
    6:27 pm - 3-2-2018

    Wow you have all learnt so many facts about the Great Fire of London! Keep it up!

  7. Connie Mumford
    6:50 pm - 3-4-2018

    Samuel Peeps wrote in his diary about the Great Fire Of London in his special language

  8. Ewelina Redzaj
    7:19 pm - 5-2-2018

    Nice picture . Nice to hear all facts about Great fire of London from Jessica

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