Jan 28

Last week we read an exciting book called ‘The Way Back Home’ by Oliver Jeffers.

As a class we created our text map to learn the story. Do you think you could retell it at home?

Once there was a small boy and one day, in a dark, dusty cupboard, he found a red aeroplane. He thought he’d take it out for a go right away.

The plane lifted off the ground and up into the bright, blue sky, higher, and higher and higher.

Suddenly the plane spluttered….. It had run out of petrol.

Now the boy was stuck on the moon. What was he to do?

He was alone, afraid and unhappy and soon his torch began to go out.

Unfortunately, up in space someone else was in trouble. His engine had broken down… and he landed on the moon with a bump.

The boy and the Martian could hear each other in the dark, they were scared and unhappy. But soon they found each other and weren’t alone any more.

Together they thought of clever ways to fix their machines and get back home.

The boy jumped down to earth to get the things they needed.

But by the time he got there he was tired so he sat down for a rest. He settled down in a small, comfortable chair to watch TV.

Suddenly he remembered what he should be doing and he ran to the dusty, dark cupboard for the things he needed.

He climbed up high and shouted to the Martian. A long, wiggly rope came down and the boy climbed up. Soon he was back on the moon.

The boy and the Martian fixed their machines. They said goodbye and thanked each other for their help and wondered if they would ever meet again. The boy went one way and the Martian went the other, both on their way back home.

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  1. Reuben
    6:45 pm - 1-29-2018

    Reuben enjoyed telling me the story with the text map.

  2. Zoe
    6:01 pm - 1-30-2018

    Poppy enjoyed telling me the story using the text map

  3. George Hamer
    8:07 pm - 1-31-2018

    George read this perfectly and loved it! We’ve been looking at the big shiney moon tonight and talking about space. 😊

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