Nov 05

In class we have been reading Eliot Midnight Superhero!

We have started to learn a new text map! It is a character description of Eliot! Do you think you could retell it at home?



By day, Eliot is quiet, but when the clock strikes midnight Eliot is a superhero!

Eliot has a mass of curly, red hair and he wears large, circular glasses. On his back he wears an emerald, flowing cape that helps him fly through the midnight sky. Eliot’s superhero underpants are as green as grass and his snug t-shirt is as red as roses.

He courageously uses his super strength to rescue stranded, screaming sailors from the towering waves. When the hungry lions rampage through the dark, busy streets, they have no hope because of Eliot’s amazing hypnotic powers. He soon saves the day!

Being a Midnight superhero is very tiring. It doesn’t leave Eliot with much energy, so by day…Eliot is quiet.



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  1. harrison harding
    7:36 pm - 11-6-2017

    Harrison has just read the text map to me… I hadn’t heard of this booked before. He did a great job having read the actual text at the bottom!

  2. Reuben
    7:21 pm - 11-7-2017

    Reuben did a great job!

  3. Zoe Mccann
    7:28 pm - 11-7-2017

    Poppy enjoyed doing the text map she keeps asking me to comment on here 😂

  4. Jessica Redzaj
    6:31 pm - 11-8-2017

    Jessica Love it text map 🤗

  5. Harley
    8:47 pm - 11-10-2017

    Harley repeatedly told me bout this so i had a look and he retold the text map very well . very pleased x

  6. Jade
    5:21 pm - 11-11-2017

    Ella loves doing the Elliot midnight superhero text map to me she does a great job at remembering all the actions and she does it all around the house !!!!

  7. Annabelle Brown
    7:02 pm - 11-15-2017

    My mummy and daddy loved it when I did the text map!

  8. George Hamer
    5:06 pm - 11-23-2017

    I read the text map and it was fantastic!

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