Oct 05

This week we have been looking at how the dinosaurs became extinct. We looked at lots of different theories and wrote about these too! After this, we made our very own dinosaur fossils!

How do you think the dinosaurs became extinct?

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  1. Ewelina
    8:19 pm - 10-5-2017

    Wow looks so intresting ..well done Jessica .
    Well done to all kids .

  2. Annabelle Brown
    7:04 pm - 10-9-2017

    I think the dinosaurs became extinct because they didn’t have any food to eat in the ice land

  3. Harley Nichols
    1:40 pm - 10-11-2017

    Because they were fighting and ran out of food .

  4. Stephanie D
    7:13 pm - 10-12-2017

    Because they got too cold and had no food to eat.

  5. Alice
    6:30 pm - 10-15-2017

    I think a meteor hit the earth with a big bang. good night.

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