Sep 18

In Year 1 we have had a very exciting start to the year! First we followed some mysterious footprints and found an egg. We used clues to help us find out what it was…a DINOSAUR! After this we had another WOW moment in our topic, we were very lucky to be visited by a paleontologist. He brought in different dinosaur models including a T-Rex, a pterodactyl and a┬ábrachiosaurus. We also got to look at different fossils and held a real fossilised dinosaur egg!

What was your favourite part of the day?

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  1. Connie
    5:28 pm - 10-4-2017

    I enjoyed drawing the dinosaurs and looking at the models

  2. Daniel Rees
    6:10 pm - 10-6-2017

    I loved seeing all of the dinosaurs sharp teeth

  3. Jade
    6:14 pm - 10-9-2017

    Ella enjoyed working and practising the text map at home and school and knows it off by heart .

  4. Harley Nichols
    1:34 pm - 10-11-2017

    Harley said he enjoyed holding the egg fossil, seeing the pterodactyl and the diplodocus models.

  5. Zoe mccann
    6:30 pm - 10-17-2017

    Poppy enjoyed writing about the different dinosaurs

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