Sep 18

In class we have been reading Dinosaurs Love Underpants!


To help us retell the story, we have been learning this text map: Do you think you could retell the story at home?

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  1. harrison harding
    4:32 pm - 9-24-2017

    I looked at the text map with my mummy. from harrison

  2. Elsie Preston
    5:04 pm - 9-25-2017

    The text map is good from elsie

  3. Sarah Newman
    8:20 pm - 10-3-2017

    I read the text map to Mummy at bed time it was fabulous. Thomas

  4. Fiona
    6:15 am - 10-4-2017

    I retold the whole story to mummy using the text map!

  5. Connie
    5:30 pm - 10-4-2017

    The map helped me remember all of the story

  6. Miss Chalmers
    5:31 pm - 10-5-2017

    Well done to all of you for practising the text map! I think you all enjoyed innovating your text map this week and I have enjoyed reading your own stories from it 🙂

  7. Daniel Rees
    6:05 pm - 10-6-2017

    I love practicing this text map at home with mummy

  8. Annabelle Brown
    7:09 pm - 10-9-2017

    I told mummy the text map story and she loved it!

  9. Harley Nichols
    1:38 pm - 10-11-2017

    Mummy showed me the map and I read it to her.

  10. Simon
    6:05 pm - 10-12-2017

    Annabelle Brown read the text map to daddy fantastico x 👨‍👦👨‍👧🍡🍬🍦🍟🍫

  11. Stephanie D
    7:08 pm - 10-12-2017

    I read it out loud to my mummy.

  12. Alice
    6:32 pm - 10-15-2017

    At home I have a book called the dinosaur that pooped Christmas. I like this book it is funny. if you want you can borrow it. Love from Alice.

  13. Ruben Holt
    5:53 pm - 10-19-2017

    Ruben and daddy read the text map and had a smile….

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