Nov 05

Superhero text map

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In class we have been reading Eliot Midnight Superhero!

We have started to learn a new text map! It is a character description of Eliot! Do you think you could retell it at home?



By day, Eliot is quiet, but when the clock strikes midnight Eliot is a superhero!

Eliot has a mass of curly, red hair and he wears large, circular glasses. On his back he wears an emerald, flowing cape that helps him fly through the midnight sky. Eliot’s superhero underpants are as green as grass and his snug t-shirt is as red as roses.

He courageously uses his super strength to rescue stranded, screaming sailors from the towering waves. When the hungry lions rampage through the dark, busy streets, they have no hope because of Eliot’s amazing hypnotic powers. He soon saves the day!

Being a Midnight superhero is very tiring. It doesn’t leave Eliot with much energy, so by day…Eliot is quiet.



Oct 18


Next term our new topic will be superheroes! Over half term we would like your child to enjoy learning about their favourite superhero ready to show in school. This could be presented in anyway, such as a poster, models or a fact file. Homework will be shared and celebrated across the year group and will be rewarded with gold tokens. Please could we have all projects in for Tuesday 31st October.

Don’t forget to embrace your inner superhero!

Maths Homework

For the first Math homework, we would like the children to create a game to help them learn and practise their number bonds to 10. Homework can be presented in any form, but it does need to be in the Maths learning logs (this can be a photograph). Don’t forget the number bond rap is on the class blog to help them!

Homework will be sent out weekly and collected in on a Wednesday. Children will be rewarded with a gold token for completion of weekly homework. Thank you!

Oct 10

Number bond rap!

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Today we learnt our number bonds to 10 and used this rap to help us! We will keep practising this at school!

Did you enjoy learning this?


Oct 05

Dinosaur fossils!

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This week we have been looking at how the dinosaurs became extinct. We looked at lots of different theories and wrote about these too! After this, we made our very own dinosaur fossils!

How do you think the dinosaurs became extinct?

Sep 18

In class we have been reading Dinosaurs Love Underpants!


To help us retell the story, we have been learning this text map: Do you think you could retell the story at home?

Sep 18


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In Year 1 we have had a very exciting start to the year! First we followed some mysterious footprints and found an egg. We used clues to help us find out what it was…a DINOSAUR! After this we had another WOW moment in our topic, we were very lucky to be visited by a paleontologist. He brought in different dinosaur models including a T-Rex, a pterodactyl and a brachiosaurus. We also got to look at different fossils and held a real fossilised dinosaur egg!

What was your favourite part of the day?

Jun 13

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Samba drumming

Look at how hard we were concentrating on getting our samba rhythms just right!

We have already learnt such a lot about Brazil and Rio de Janeiro.

Can you remember the names of the instruments we used?

May 10

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How many names of plants and trees that grow in our school grounds can you remember?

Apr 20

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Another small example of all your lovely homework.

Well done everyone, you have worked very hard.


What is the most interesting thing you learnt about the place you chose?

Mar 31


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The wind blew at just the right moment for us to test our kites.

How well did your kite fly?